Proposed Link 101 Project Not Moving Forward

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) continuously reevaluates its priorities, and as the Link 101 Preliminary Alternatives Screening Report was completed, the milestone marked a logical point to reevaluate this project.

A combination of higher than anticipated construction costs, low projected travel benefits, and public feedback sessions that overwhelmingly supported a more moderate approach led to the decision to forgo a broader new-terrain project. Instead, INDOT will prioritize preservation of local corridor assets, in line with public feedback.

The preliminary alternatives recommendations had anticipated costs of $350 million to more than $450 million. The anticipated cost is a substantial increase from the original estimated cost of $200 million that was announced in 2021. In addition to higher than anticipated costs, lower traffic volumes limit total benefits to users. There has also been widespread opposition voiced to the project, both in public meetings and through project communication channels.

The Preliminary Alternatives Screening Report is available for review on the project website. The project team considered dozens of factors when evaluating alternatives. The ten preliminary alternatives introduced in July 2023 were evaluated, along with two additional alternatives. Alternatives K and L were developed to focus on increasing the use of existing roadways.

The Preliminary Alternatives Traffic Analysis Report is also available for review. It includes a traffic performance-based evaluation of alternatives, including volumes, travel impacts, traffic safety and travel time. The report includes a summary of findings.

Both reports can be reviewed at the Link 101 project website. The website is expected to be available for access through this fall. After this fall, the information will be available by request to INDOT. Any information gathered to date could be considered for any future projects in the area.

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